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You’re busy, that’s a given. So any type of organizational or marketing tool that can handle time-consuming tasks will make life a little easier. This is the perfect reason to use a marketing automation system for your nonprofit.

Of course, a marketing automation system won’t do everything for you; it’s important not to abuse the convenience of automating all of your work, and it’s still necessary to incorporate human thought and interaction into the process. But a good automation system can help attract prospective supporters to your nonprofit and convert them into donors.

Here are five types of email communication that can easily be automated.

1. Welcome emails.

Sending a personalized, automated welcome email is an excellent (and expected) way to engage with new members, donors and potential supporters to educate them about your nonpofit and your mission. You could also ask them to tell you more about themselves and provide resources personalized to their interests.

2. Requests for impact stories.

Asking for stories from your volunteers, board, supporters and clients can give you valuable content to use in your nonprofit marketing pieces. Where appropriate, follow a fundraising event, volunteer opportunity or service experience with an automated thank-you message asking for a quick impact story. For best results, have some personality and include helpful links to your social networks and ways for them to share their experience with others.

3. Anniversary and birthday messages.

It’s easy to forget this, but your supporters are real people who like to celebrate special occasions. Celebrate these occasions with them by sending an automated email that says, “Congrats!” or “Have a special day.” This takes next to no effort but the payback in building relationships is priceless.

4. Thank-you messages to donors.

Set up an automatic thank-you email, triggered when a supporter makes a donation to your nonprofit. That way, your thank-you message is immediate, and you can follow up later with organizational updates or even a scheduled ask on the anniversary of their donation.

5. Data updates.

Your donor database is the heart of your nonprofit marketing efforts, so it’s necessary to keep it current and complete by updating preference, demographic and behavioral information. Automation can help you do this. For example, you could use a basic email campaign to lead users to a prepopulated form where they could update their information and provide additional specifics.

Other messages you could automate include membership renewal reminders, daily tips, re-engagement campaigns to win back old donors or a calendar of the year’s events.

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