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What better way to say “cheers” in style than with personalized wedding glassware? Custom glasses are perfect for quenching your guests’ thirst after they’ve danced it up all night—AND for giving them a memorable wedding gift that won’t get thrown away the next morning. When it comes to ideas for how to make your toast stand out—just by raising a glass—we’ve got you covered.

Champagne Flutes

Nothing says “classy” better than traditional, long-stemmed champagne flutes. Make yours even more unique by decorating them with beautiful fonts that display the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, initials or a short, sweet quote to commemorate the day.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Perfect for nighttime weddings and lovers of wine, these customized glasses have a pleasing modern aesthetic—not to mention they reduce the chances of spills and breakage as the party goes on.

Pint Glasses

Are you and your partner on the craft-beer bandwagon? Fans of beer in general? If so, custom pint glasses for brewskis poured at your reception could be a fun, trendy way to remind family and friends of your special day every time they say “bottoms up!”

Shot Glasses

What better way to toast being young, fun and in love than a good ole round of specialty shots? Pump up the nostalgia with customized witticisms, wedding hashtags and/or names and dates engraved on the glassware.

Mason Jar Mugs

It may seem like everyone has been in on the mason jar trend for years now—and why not? Mason jar mugs are cheap, beautiful and classic ways to decorate tables and personality to receptions. Make yours even more special with custom personalization and unique fonts.

Have other ideas for your personalized glassware? Want to hear more about one of the above? Let Firespring help you eat, drink and be married!

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