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One year ago, Firespring announced our merger with Cornerstone Print & Marketing, Snitily Carr and 42. April 1 is also the founding date of both Snitily Carr and 42, and the date of Lincoln’s incorporation as a city in 1869.

To commemorate the occasion, team members in Lincoln up and walked out of the office en masse today at 3 p.m.—and it was no April Fool’s prank. More than 100 brightly-clad Firespringers headed out on foot to pick up trash and beautify Densmore Park, the Cooper YMCA grounds and other areas around our headquarters.

As a group Firespring collected over 17 full bags of trash in their neighborhood.

A volunteer project is a great way to celebrate this milestone, as Firespring is committed to giving back to the communities we call home through volunteer work and donations to worthwhile causes and charities.

In fact, during the first year of the merger, Firespring team members have volunteered more than 10,000 hours in Lincoln alone, exemplifying the company’s core purpose of leveraging our people, products and profit as a force for good.