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Having an agency with decades of marketing and advertising experience means getting a team that’s seen the sights and mastered difficult obstacles in addition to having the ability to shape a block of stone (the beginning of a project) into something monumental and worthy of the viewing public (the finished project).

All that said, we sat down with our director of client services, Maellyn Hain, to pick her brain on some of the must-haves to make a marketing partnership truly breathtaking for everyone involved.

  1. Start with strategy. When you work with Firespring you’re working with a collaborative partner that has your best interests in mind. By starting with strategy, everyone is on the same page from the infantry to the generals. Strategy answers the eternal question, “How will we win together?” Every organization or company is different. Every. One. By giving your marketing partner enough info and direction so they can hit the ground running with quality strategy, the more quickly a team can problem-solve and provide results-driven creative.
  2. Put it all on Front Street. Take a drive on Front Street with us—by that we encourage you to fasten your seatbelt and prepare for open, honest communication. This type of transparency and communication cuts both ways and allows everyone involved to speak the same language and work toward the same goal without distractions, confusion and unclear expectations. Front Street is a majestic, two-way street between a client and their agency and it’s a street we regularly maintain and keep litter free—heck, we gotta get our volunteer hours in somehow, and picking up litter on Front Street isn’t so bad from time to time.
  3. CELEBRATE SUCCESS TOGETHER! Celebrate in all caps if you dare. After all, it’s meant to be a celebration so scream it from your rooftops, or from your cubicle, or at least in a meeting room on a conference call for crying out loud. Sharing the wins with our clients and having our clients share feedback and wins with us allows both parties to have a more comprehensive idea of what worked and why.
  4. Trust us. You are an expert at what you do. We are too. To that extent, we wholeheartedly trust you know your business, its goals and its challenges more than we do—but we’re quick learners. And once we’re ingrained and invested in your goals you can rest assured we won’t rest until we reach those goals with your best interests in mind. When you work with Firespring you’re going to get different ideas and a different approach than what you’re used to because you’re going to get different results than you’re used to. Save vanilla for your next ice cream cone, not your next marketing campaign or print piece. The world is too busy and too full of content to not don a noticeable and distinguished stovetop hat to make you stand a little higher than the rest of the crowd.

When the dust settles on your next marketing campaign, you can take a deep sigh and feel comfortable knowing these four ways to make a partnership feel monumental are rooted in our work process to give you the results—and relationship—you deserve with a marketing partner. Get to know us a bit better or reach out to us and let’s create something awe-inspiring, together.


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