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Summer is the perfect time to talk signage, so we sat down with Firespring’s signage expert Amanda to chat about how to protect your signage from long days in the summer sun—and why the summer months are the best time to invest in new, eye-catching signs.

As the temperature continues to climb, the vinyl lettering and graphics on outdoor signs are at greater risk of fading and peeling. To guard against that “tired or unkempt” look, Amanda recommends treating signage with either a film laminate or a clear coat, both of which have UV protection and extend a sign’s life by at least a few years.

“Ink is rated for three years before fading,” Amanda said. “Laminate or clear coat will ensure your sign—and therefore your business—stands out longer.”

And installation of new signage is never easier than in the summer, Russell said. The warm weather is ideal for putting up vinyl lettering and graphics, which can be too brittle to manipulate in the colder months. Not to mention that summer offers a lot more visibility in advertising.

“It’s generally the best time to change out signage, because a lot of people are out and about, going places, doing various outdoor activities,” Amanda said. “So your visibility is increased just by the amount of people who are on the go.”

Speaking of being on the go: Vehicle wraps are also a great way to advertise your business—any time, any place, whether you’re using a car magnet or vinyl graphics on the vehicle itself.

“Vehicle wraps are one of the biggest ‘dos’ for business owners—your signage is constantly working for you,” Amanda said. “That means your consumer is being exposed to your product or company all the time, and you’re getting the highest number of views per dollar.”

Summer also should be a time to plan ahead with your signage for the fall, creating striking visuals that will be ready to use during trade show season and other autumn events.

“A colorful sign can really make your business stand out,” Amanda said. “You don’t want to miss out on opportunities because you don’t have one.”

For help getting your business (metaphorically) bikini-body-ready, shoot us an email at hello@firespring.com.


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