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Wedding send-offs complete with cheers, a grand exit toss and the newlyweds’ blissful smiles are more than just a ‘grammable moment. They’re a tradition dating back to ancient Rome—when guests would shower married couples with rice and grains to symbolize good luck with fertility and future harvests.

Now that the olden days are long gone, sparklers have become the tried-and-true send-off prop. But if you’re looking to get a little more creative for your grand getaway, here are some other festive ways for your guests to wish you a resounding “good luck!”

Fall Leaves

Autumn will soon be in the air—along with the variety of outdoor fall weddings and rustic reception themes. Commemorate your love and love of the season by having your guests toss vibrantly colored paper, silk or fabric leaves as you make your exit!

Glow Sticks

Focused on turning your reception into one big dance party, complete with electronic beats and neon lights? Play up the energetic vibes for your exit too with custom-printed glow sticks! You can hand them out before the reception for people to “put their lighters in the air” while dancing AND when you make your grand exit.

Printed Ribbons

Booked a venue that won’t allow you to toss confetti? No worries—custom-printed ribbon wands can be a beautiful, classy alternative to wave you and your beloved on to your future! They can be customized with wedding dates, names, sayings and/or hashtags and be color-coordinated to match your event themes! Plus, they make great take-home party favors.

Custom Airplanes

Want to soar away on the excitement of your friends and family? Have them toss custom-printed paper airplanes at the end of the reception for a whimsical exit and a ceremony that will be sure to delight kids and adults alike!


For the environmentally conscious couple, eco-fetti is the green alternative to more traditional wedding toss materials—and with more and more companies focused on creative, earth-friendly products, there’s never been more variety to choose from. Find the eco-fetti that best matches your theme, style and send-off dreams!

Printed Mini Flags

Your guests can say “hip, hip, hooray” as you make your getaway by waving adorable mini flags styled to match your wedding theme. Something else to cheer about—the flags can double as party favors and can specifically salute you and yours with custom printing and details.

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