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Our support team serves more than 3,000 clients worldwide by training them and troubleshooting issues with their websites. They each take between 20 and 40 calls a day and spend a cumulative two to four hours on the phone, all while answering emails and providing an exceptional customer service experience. Basically, they are wizards.

How do they do it? The rest of us, frankly, are in awe. We sat down with several of them to get more details about what their day-to-day is like.

They all agreed that at first, taking calls can be intimidating. Tania, who’s manned our phone frontlines for seven years, said she applied for the gig by accident.

“I thought I was applying for a receptionist position,” she admits. “I wouldn’t have thought I was qualified for the actual job I got!”

Sharri, who’s worked in support for two years, said, “Even if you have knowledge about this, which I didn’t, but even if you do, our development platform is its own beast. Learning that and then teaching people how to do that at the same time can be crazy.”

Megan agreed that in the beginning, helping clients with their sites was a learning curve. After more than a year on the support team, she’s come to realize the best way to deal with an unhappy client is to remember the five Es, which is Molly’s customer service philosophy.

For those of you who are curious, those are:

  • Explore objectives
  • Create experiences
  • No excuses
  • Empower others
  • Enjoy yourself

“You can pretty much turn around any conversation if you focus on those things,” Megan said.

Tania added that joking around can diffuse a tense call, and Sharri recommended acknowledging that a client’s issue is real (and that she’s there to help) always starts the conversation on the right note. This kind of customer service has led to some serious bonding between support team members and their clients.

“It surprises me how people look forward to talking to me,” Sharri said. “How I am in their mind a go-to person to help solve things. We’re not just people on the phone.”

“I didn’t realize people would talk about themselves so much. And I never thought I would talk to people that I would want to hang out with,” said Tania. “I love it.”

Nick said, “I’ve been surprised by how 80 percent of people just want the problem fixed, but how 20 percent are really hungry to learn.”

Megan agreed that the job can be very empowering, and that she’s always proud of clients who learn how to do something new on their own.

Of course, the job does come with some downsides—like getting tech questions from friends and family outside of work hours, or questions that aren’t strictly Springboard-related.

“Someone asked me, ‘Do you guys offer liability insurance?’” Megan recalls. She said she did end up researching some basic information about insurance. “They had a question, and I could help because I could Google it.”

Explaining the gig to people is also a challenge.

“My family thinks we just drink beer all day,” said Megan.

“My friends and family loosely understand it but nobody can really regurgitate what it is,” Nick said. “My grandpa just says, ‘Oh, the internet.’”

“I have a lot of people who are like, ‘I don’t know how you talk to people all day’—even other people in the building. For me, I don’t see it like that. I couldn’t handle not talking to people,” Megan said. “I think the assumption that everybody calling us is mad and that is just not true. I would say everyone one out of 100 interactions is a sort of negative one.”

While all of our support team has experienced sore throats from talking, sometimes there are more pressing needs.

“One time I had to put someone on hold so I could go to the bathroom,” Sharri admits.

Still, the reward is worth the risk for our support team.

“I like what I do,” Tania said. “It’s a perfect mix of talking to people that I like talking to. I like solving problems; I like joking around. It’s different and the days go super fast.”

“There’s a solution to every problem. I’ve never been like, ‘We just can’t help you. You should go somewhere else,’” said Sharri. “I had a guy who said that I saved his company and got him business just by helping him with a design change.”

Interested in experiencing this level of amazing support? (It feels a little bit like diving into a basket of fresh-out-the-dryer fuzzy blankets.) Give us a call at 888.388.5778. Want to save lives, er, companies, with the best of ‘em? Join our crack squad.