Lisa Thompson

Lisa likes to “creatively communicate.” Whether that involves writing 30-second radio spots, 250-word newsletter articles or an in-depth feature for a magazine, she loves the challenge of arranging and rearranging words so that they make you sit up and take notice.

Facebook Turned Ten! Here’s How It’s Changed Our Lives

On February 4, 2004, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg launched a website called The Facebook. It’s been ever-changing since then, but whatever fate awaits Facebook, one thing is clear: Life is different today because it was created. Here’s how.

How Marketing Your Business is Like a Single Woman Traveling Through Italy (There’s a connection. I swear.)

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be as cut and dry as you think. It’s everywhere you are. See what I learned about marketing on my recent trip to Italy.

A Firespring Thanksgiving: Our Most Beloved Workplace Tradition

Bring on the turkey and mashed potatoes; it’s the week of our feast – A Firespring Thanksgiving.

Five Ways to Make Your Smartphone Photos Better

Now that smartphone cameras have evolved to take pretty decent pictures, most of us rely on them as the main tool for snapping the candids in our lives. So here are five ways to make your smartphone photos better.

3 Lessons Learned from the Sweet Comeback of the Twinkie

Failure is not always the end of the world, and second chances exist. Here are some takeaways from the Twinkie’s successful re-emergence back into the marketplace.

8 Common Grammar Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

Bad grammar can can ruin marketing materials and tarnish your brand’s credibility. So here are eight common grammar mistakes so you can stop these problems before they begin.

It’s 2013. Do You Know Where Your Social Media Audience Is?

No response to a clever Facebook post? Nothing hurts more than a non responsive social media audience. But maybe you’re talking to the wrong people.

Summer in the Land of Social Media

Newsflash: Social media doesn’t take a summer vacation. You might, but your social networks will still be buzzing with pictures, posts, videos and tweets. Just because it’s summer, don’t skip out on the conversation.

Head Over Heels: How to Make Your Employees Fall in Love with You

Well, not you exactly, because that could be awkward. But getting them to love your company—now that’s a beautiful thing. Here’s how to pour on the professional charm.

Instagram to Users: “Tag, You’re It”—A New Look for Brands

In the ever wonderment of how to use Instagram for brands, a new tagging feature has been launched to tag people and brands in photos. The Instagram game has changed. Tag, you’re it.