How to Lose a Customer

Lost Customer Because of Poor Service

It’s hard to get a customer these days, and sometimes it’s even harder to keep them. There are many things you can do that will send your customer in the wrong direction. Pay attention to what you’re doing and how you’re treating your customers on a daily basis, and maybe this will be a better month for you and your company.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Making promises you can’t keep. You’ll most likely find yourself having to make deadlines with your clients. They will want something by a certain date, and if you make a promise that they’ll have it by then, you better stick to that promise. Keep your reputation clean by turning down business if you don’t think you can deliver.

Schooling your customers. Yes, you are the professional and have an expertise your customers don’t. That’s why they’ve come to you. Work with them to solve their challenges without talking over their heads or pointing fingers when you know you’re right. If the customer is worth saving, you may have to give in to make sure they come back.

Waiting by the phone for them to call.
You might think that people will let you know when you’re not doing something right. Very few people like conflict. Most customers find it easier to just walk away and find someone else. Make a plan to stay in touch with your customers to ensure they are getting everything they need. Use a feedback card, give them a call or send them the occasional hand-written note so they know you care about their business.

Keep thinking from your customers’ perspective. Remain cognizant of your actions and make sure you’re delivering the best customer service every time.


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