Write a Good Headline Here. People Will Read It.

Copywriting and Call to Action Makes Marketing Work

It’s important to have great copy for all of your marketing pieces that you send out to your customers and prospects. Forty percent of a piece’s effectiveness can be attributed to its content. Design only gets ten percent. That being said, headlines play an important role in copy. So, you better make it good.

In order to grab your readers’ attention, your headline should provide a positive benefit. If not, the headline should ask a provocative question that will keep your reader interested. If the situation is right, put both components in your headline to make it great.

A good headline is concise, and gets to the point. Try to keep your headline to 12-15 words or less. Some copywriters employ a trick by writing a short pre-heading and then adding a larger second headline beneath it.

Make sure your headline stands alone. It’s a good idea to have your headline make a statement by itself, and then to continue with the rest of the copy of your marketing piece.

Don’t lose your luster with the rest of the copy. Just because you have a great headline doesn’t mean you can slack with the body. If you keep your audience’s attention throughout the piece you’ll get a bigger bang with your call to action.

If you’ve done your job as a copywriter, your readers will reach this paragraph. If they find their way here, you need to give them a payoff for their attention. So in that spirit, we’d like to reward the first ten people who have read to this point with a free cup of joe. Just e-mail matt.spitsen@firespring.com with your name and address and your cup will be on its way. Firespring employees, the coffee is on so head on over.


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